Plant care

Now that you have all these beautiful new plants in your garden it must be remembered that new plants require a little more love than well established plants.


If you have watering system, we recommend watering every second day for the first few months. (As a general rule! Remember that plants have differing needs, so check any special care instructions if you are unsure).

To establish how long they need to be watered for, do a test by turning on the irrigation system manually and watching to see when the soil is wet down to the roots of the plants.

As a rule of thumb, 30 minutes is a good time to start with and you can adjust from there.

If you only have a watering can, try watering every few days, again checking the soil to make sure you’re watering them sufficiently.


Like us, plants need food to grow and repair them-selves, and your new plants are no exception! In fact, because they have a relatively small root system and will be doing quite a lot of growing, they need extra care.

The three main elements plants need are nitrogen (N), potassium (P) & phosphorus (K), so a fertilizer containing these is recommended.

When giving your plants their first feed try using a liquid fertilizer with about half the concentration of normal as at full strength it can damage new roots. We think organic fertilizers like Dynamic Lifter and Charley Carp are quite good and worth using.

As a rule of thumb when plants are in their growing stage (usually spring) and leaves and branches are growing, a fertilizer with a higher concentration of nitrogen is needed. During their flowering season (summer) use a fertilizer with a higher concentration of potassium and phosphorus.

Once or twice a year give your plants some trace elements. Usually you can get these in a soluble form, such as Yates Complete Plant Food. Dissolve in a watering can and put it on the plants.

With the right fertilizer at the right time your plants will be happy and healthy.

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