Lawn care

As we said earlier, new plants need a little extra love, and new lawns even more so!

Watering Your Lawns

Depending on the time of year, the amount of water needed by your lawn will vary. If it’s quite warm you might need to water your new lawn every day, but in mid-winter every second or third day may be sufficient.

What’s important is keeping an eye on the lawn. Try lifting up a little of the corner and checking whether the water is getting to the soil below.

New lawns are at their most sensitive in the first few weeks and if enough care is taken in this establishment phase your lawn will remain green and healthy.

Feeding Your Lawn

Usually after mowing your new lawn (see below) it’s also a good time to feed it. In the warmer months your lawn will be most actively growing and will require a balanced fertilizer with trace elements. A product we recommend at this time is Yates Weed and Feed. Attach the bottle to the hose and water it in – simple and stress free.

Alternatively you can use a regular lawn food like Munn’s Golf Course Green, Scotts Lawn Builder or one of the plethora of other lawn foods on the market.

Some quick tips for caring for your new lawn…

Try staying off the lawn for a few weeks. If the turf can establish its roots and not be disturbed it will be a healthy lawn with no dead spots. We know it’s hard but it’s worth it!
After a month or so your lawn should be starting to grow and may need a mow. The best thing to do is to put the mower on its highest setting and for each consecutive cut after that reduce the setting of the mower until you reach your desired length. Cutting the lawn too low on the first cut will stress the lawn out and make it go yellow.
Keep an eye out for weeds growing in your new lawn. These will invade and quickly take over. If you’re diligent you can remove them with a small hand held garden fork, remembering to remove the whole weed – roots and all. If you find your invasion is beyond removing the weeds by hand you can try a broadleaf herbicide. Some liquid lawn foods now have this included in them.
So, it’s quite simple really…

Care for your new garden and it will thrive and bring you years of joy!

Click here for tips on caring for new lawns.

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